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Check which celebrity you look like – and other cool picture sites

What does the picture represent?

Caption bot

On Microsoft’s Captionbot site, you can upload a photo and get a description of what it represents. It works surprisingly well, and when the system guesses wrong it becomes quite entertaining.

  • www.captionbot.ai

Where can I find similar images?

Google IMG

Google Image Search can also identify what an image represents. For example, if you don’t remember in which city you took the vacation photo, you can do an image search and get help to see what it represents. You will also see other similar images.

  • www.google.se/imghp

How old do you look?

How old

Image identification can be used in many ways, and Microsoft’s technology can determine how old a person is based on a portrait image. However, the result should be taken with a pinch of salt. The site How old, for example, guessed wrong on the undersigned by six years…

  • www.how-old.net

Which celebrity are you like?

Image recognition technology can be used in more or less serious ways. For example, what does Celebs Like Me say? Upload a picture of yourself and you’ll see which celebrity you resemble.

Celebs like me
  • www.celebslike.me

What kind of dog is that?

Do you have trouble recognizing dog breeds? Here, too, image identification can come in handy. Upload a dog picture and you will (hopefully) know what breed it is. This service is also available as an app, but unfortunately only for iPhone.


Fetch (Microsoft)
Download for IOS

  • www.what-dog.net

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