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Facebook is betting harder and harder on its messaging service Messenger, and now a special version is coming for the browser. Those of you who find the message function in the regular Facebook site messy will get a clean and stripped-down look. However, it is optional to use the new Messenger.com so you can continue to send messages from Facebook’s regular site.


Facebook has generally been active with new services recently. If you are nervous about security, you can use the new Security Checkup tool. Here you go through a simple guide that checks that all settings are made correctly.

A third exciting news for those of you who use Facebook on your mobile is the Moments app. Here you and your friends can collect all the photos you take at the same time. If, for example, there are many of you taking photos at a party or a trip, you can save everything in the same place. At the time of writing, it is not available worldwide.


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