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Ccleaner’s secure browser challenges Chrome and Edge

CCleaner is one of the most famous free programs for cleaning the computer, and among other things, it removes monitoring files.

Now they are taking the step further and launching their own browser where the focus is precisely on privacy. It promises to erase your digital footprints by cleaning out so-called cookies as well as protecting you against malware and identity theft. It is also said to use artificial intelligence to stop phishing.

CCleaner Browser

Basically, Ccleaner Browser uses Chromium, i.e. the same “engine” as Chrome and Edge. This means the program shouldn’t have any compatibility issues – and when you install it, you can even choose to import your existing bookmarks from Chrome and Edge.

Ccleaner is now owned by security company Avast. The company received sharp criticism last winter because until the disclosure had sold users’ surfing data. This causes many privacy activists to distrust Avast, and instead recommend non-commercial alternatives such as Tor Browser. Read more about this program in our guide here.

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