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Build your own website in 15 seconds with the new Heyweb

For many small business owners, the step to their own website for the hair salon, car repair shop or one-man consulting can feel both long and complicated. Swedish Heyweb wants to change that by letting its customers create fully functional websites in 15 seconds.

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Or almost, anyway. First, you need to have a company page on Facebook – Heyweb takes the information from there and builds a separate website based on it. Update the Facebook page or Instagram feed, and the new homepage does the same.

Creating and maintaining your own page on Facebook requires less technical knowledge and is something most people can learn fairly quickly.

The price tag is 12 euros a month.

– Many small business owners are good at Facebook and Instagram, but perhaps lack a good website. For a small hairdressing salon, it is quite expensive to pay SEK 30,000-40,000 to let someone build a website, says Ted Valentin to Breakit.se.

The pair of horses and web entrepreneurs Ted Valentin and Jonatan Heyman stand together behind Heyweb, but it is far from the first internet project they have built together. The former is, for example, behind the popular Bestofsvt and Restaurangkartan.

Here you can check out Heyweb and some examples of websites built with the technology.

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