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Brilliant player for podcast fans – PCforAll

Pocket Casts has the advantage of allowing you to sync playlists and broadcasts between Android and iOS devices when needed. If you change your phone, it shouldn’t matter.

The layout is a grid with the podcasts you subscribe to. You change how you want them by grabbing a box and dragging it around. You get information about different sections when you click on a box. The broadcasts are divided into played and unplayed episodes, and you can sort them into your own lists.

A good feature is that you decide how much to rewind when you click on forward or backward, and that you can skip ahead to avoid introductory advertisements. In Android you can save to the sd card and new episodes are automatically downloaded to both platforms.

If you’re addicted to podcasts, Pocket Casts is well worth the money.

Download to Android (27 kroner)

Download to IOS (28 kroner)

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