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Big hack against Yahoo – 200 million accounts affected

The latest in a string of password leaks appears to have hit Yahoo – one of the most popular email services on the internet. A hacker claims to have obtained data for 200 million Yahoo accounts. The database with the data will now be for sale.

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The hacker is not completely unfamiliar either. It is the same person who earlier this year got over 360 million Myspace accounts, and before that 164 million Linkedin accounts.

Yahoo announces that it is aware that the database is for sale. The company also says it is working to obtain the facts in the case. However, it is not confirmed whether the account information that is out there is genuine or not.

It’s not the first time Yahoo has been hit by something like this. In 2012, the company reported that 450,000 account details had been leaked – in that leak, most of the passwords were found to be incorrect.

According to a security manager IDG News spoke with, you should change your password if you use Yahoo.

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