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Best VPN for Netflix 2023 – fast and secure vpn services

Current prices updated 2023-01-20

Geo-blocking is one of the dumbest ideas ever invented. It may have served a function in the flat-screen TV era, but with streaming, where virtually anyone could access any content from anywhere, it’s mostly an annoying nuisance.

With a vpn, you can bypass Netflix’s geoblocked content and watch that season of your favorite series on Netflix that has not yet been released in Sweden.

But there are some things you should know before you get started. Here we provide answers to common questions and recommend the best VPN for Netflix.

Best vpn for Netflix

  1. North vpn (Download here)
  2. Windscribe (Download here)
  3. Open (Download here)
  4. F-secure Freedome (Download here)
  5. Cyberghost (Download here)

Free vpn for netflix

Free vpn services are not something recommended by security experts. When you use a vpn, you hide your ip number and surf/torrent history from the internet provider, but the vpn provider now has access to this data instead. If a vpn service is free, that means they have to make money in some way other than subscription fees. This usually means, you guessed it, that data about you is resold.

That’s one of the main reasons to only use reputable vpn providers that don’t save your data. If you are looking for a vpn for privacy reasons, we recommend you read our big vpn test of all the most popular vpn services.

Is it illegal to use vpn with Netflix?

Using a vpn is not illegal in Sweden and most other countries. However, there are exceptions, if you are in countries with stricter restrictions on internet use, you should check what applies in those countries. This applies, for example, to China and Russia.

That said, many streaming services explicitly state in their user agreements that users may not use VPNs to get around geoblocked content. This means in theory that you can get banned for using vpn with some services. However, the most common thing is that you get a warning and cannot use the service until you turn off your vpn. What Netflix does if they detect you are using a vpn is to only show titles that are available globally. So you don’t even get access to the range that is unique to Sweden.

To a direct question from PC for All, Netflix responds as follows:
“We allow members using VPN or geoproxy to watch Netflix. Members using the VPN get access to our worldwide catalog – both Netflix originals and movies and shows for which we have global rights. We will continue to balance our commitment to creating a great member experience while working hard to protect rights holders.”

Even if it doesn’t seem like you risk suspension, a certain amount of “at your own risk” applies when using vpn and Netflix.

It is also worth knowing that many streaming services actively work to block vpn services, so the vpn that works today may stop working tomorrow.

Netflix abroad

Worth knowing is that Netflix is ​​good at sensing where you are. For example, if you are abroad for a long time and log into your Netflix account without a VPN, Netflix can assume that you are abroad and lock the content to that country, even if you later log in with a VPN. Clear the app’s data and log in again, with vpn, to access, for example, the Swedish offer again.

1. North VPN

A vpn that works well with Netflix as it has super fast servers in many countries.

North VPN

Rating 5 out of 5


Nord VPN has great speeds, many servers and countries to connect to and provides access to all the streaming services we tested with. The only small minus is their subscription prices, which are slightly higher than those of other top competitors.


  • Very fast
  • Many payment options
  • Access to all tested streaming services


  • Not as cheap as the top competitors
  • No free or trial version


February 2022.

Site: nordvpn.com
Number of servers: 5274 servers in 60 countries
Program in Swedish: No.
Price for monthly payment: From SEK 119 – 149 per month (various packages)
Price for year-round subscription: From SEK 49 – 74 per month (various packages)
Price for two-year subscription: From SEK 41-66 per month (various packages)

Offer for the complete package: SEK 1,589 for 2 years (60% discount) or for 1 year for SEK 889 (50% discount)

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2. Windscribe

Customized subscription lowers the cost.


Rating 5 out of 5


Windscribe is fast, cheap and provides access to many countries and all the services we are trying to connect to. In addition, they offer a good free subscription and a unique “puzzle subscription” where you can control the monthly cost yourself. The only slight downside is really the lack of support.


  • Quickly
  • Cheap
  • Unlimited simultaneous devices


  • Poor support
  • Questionable Swedish translation


May 2020

Site: www.windscribe.com
Number of servers: Unknown number in 62 countries.
Program in Swedish: Yes.
Price for monthly payment: SEK 92 per month
Price for year-round subscription: SEK 59 per month

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3. Open

Easy-to-use vpn that works with most streaming services, including Netflix, and which can be obtained entirely in Swedish.


Rating 5 out of 5


OVPN is an all-Swedish vpn service that is fast, cheap and good with proper transparency, high security and excellent support in Swedish. It is possible to reach most of the most common streaming services, but if you want to watch content from the British BBC, you need to choose another vpn option.


  • Cheap.
  • Quickly.
  • Fast customer service in Swedish.
  • Access to SVT Play, TV4 Play, Swedish Disney Plus and American Netflix.


  • Few servers in few countries.
  • No free version or free trial.
  • No access to BBC Iplayer.


December 2021

Site: ovpn.com/sv
Number of servers: 95 servers in 19 countries
Program in Swedish: Yes.
Price for monthly payment: SEK 120 per month
Price for year-round subscription: SEK 49 per month
Other price options: Half a year for SEK 69 per month
Offer: SEK 1,176 for 2 years (6 devices + 1 OVPN t-shirt included in the purchase)

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4. F-secure Freedome vpn

F-secure Freedome vpn not only works well with Netflix, it has a low monthly cost if you sign up for an annual subscription.

F-secure Freedome vpn

Rating 5 out of 5


F-secure Freedome VPN is cheap, fast and easy to use. It provides access to all mainstream streaming services and has a free five-day trial period. The only disadvantages are few countries to connect to, that there is no monthly subscription and that the subscriptions are generally quite messy.


  • Free trial version
  • Cheap
  • Access to all mainstream streaming services


  • Messy subscriptions
  • No monthly subscription
  • Few countries


May 2022.

Website: f-secure.com
Number of servers: 750+ servers in 37 countries
Program in Swedish: No.
Price for year-round subscription: SEK 27 per month
Price for two-year subscription: SEK 24 per month
Price per month: SEK 79 per month

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5. Cyberghost VPN

A vpn service with many servers and long-term subscriptions that lowers the cost.

Cyberghost vpn

Rating 5 out of 5


Cyberghost is cheap, fast and provides access to a large number of countries and servers. Only the somewhat messy pricing and the fact that they cannot access all common streaming services prevent Cyberghost from being number one among our tested vpn services.


  • Quickly
  • Cheap
  • Many servers and countries
  • Site and program in Swedish
  • Access to most mainstream streaming services


  • Messy subscriptions
  • No free version
  • No access to Swedish Disney Plus (May 2022)


May 2022

Site: cyberghostvpn.com
Number of servers: 7,900+ servers in 90 countries
Program in Swedish: Yes.
Kill switch: Yes.
Price for monthly payment: SEK 134 per month
Price for two-year subscription: SEK 24 per month
Price at 6 months: SEK 77 per month

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