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Best trick when surfing in Windows 10 is tough


When I go to certain sites, the computer becomes very slow when scrolling, i.e. changing the image. It stands still longer than I can sometimes bear to wait. When clicking on the scroll bar, I sometimes get the answer: Site not responding – reset web page, with a clickable box for this. When I click, I get a small image with a scrolling color highlight, and the text: Windows is searching for a solution to this problem. Windows has never found a solution.

I’m running Microsoft Edge, version 13.



You can try running Internet Explorer instead.

You just write the Internet straight away when you click Start button bottom left. In the list that appears, click on Internet Explorer Desktop App.

And you can Taskbar uncheck that Edge should be there by right-clicking on the icon. Instead, you can right-click on Internet Explorer Desktop app and choose Pin to Taskbar.

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IE Start Menu
Sometimes old Internet Explorer works better than Microsoft’s new Edge browser.

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