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Best tip when Microsoft rejects your password


I have created a new password for my Gmail account. It works when I log into Gmail on the web. However, when I try to create a new Gmail account in Windows 10’s mail app, it doesn’t work, because I’m prompted to “update the password for this account”.

Where do I find the error?

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For security reasons, you need to create a special app password that you enter in the email app. The programs/apps that try to access your emails are less secure than when you log in with two-step verification in the browser, because they cannot use two-step verification and thus Google does not know if it is you or someone else who is logging in.

The purpose of the special app password is for you to log in to the website with two-step verification and then create a unique app password. So no one but you can create an app password.

You can read more about app passwords here.


Better protection. Two-way verification makes your account more secure.

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