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If you use Gmail for your email, you have probably already noticed how smart the service is. With a handful of add-ons, you can elevate yourself to an even higher level. Because even if Google created a really good service, there is a lot they haven’t built in.

This is especially true if you use the web client for functions it was not originally intended for, such as to-do lists and customer management systems.

User creativity wins as usual. Here are five additions that will make it thrive and make your life much easier.


Many people use Gmail not only for email but also as a to-do list. But even if you make full use of the built-in label service and are quick to deliver on your commitments, things quickly get tricky. The scale is simply not built for the task.

Columns with e-mail and to-do lists.
With the right tools, Gmail becomes a pretty sensible to-do program.

With Sortd you solve this without any problems. The extension gives you a view that is quite similar to Trello and other similar solutions. You create subject-based columns and move your letters to them. As you graze your tasks, you can simply cross them off.

More info: Sortd

Snap mail

If you want to send sensitive information à la Mission Impossible, e-mail is a rather weak tool. Especially as the recipient can forward the content to just about anyone. Then even encryption doesn’t help.

A letter in web window.
Okay, it’s not like Apple sends us all the secrets via Snapmail.

One solution is to use Snapmail. You write your letter as usual, but the recipient only gets a link. When they click on it, they end up on a web page and can read the information for a minute. Then the information is deleted forever. That said, the reader can copy the content before it disappears.

More info: Snapmail

Gmail Offline

One of the biggest problems with working in web tools is the need for a network. When you are at home, in the office or near a 4g mast, this is nothing you need to think about. But sometimes the coverage in the summer house is anything but good.

Icon for Gmail Offline with on and off options.
Nowadays it is possible to surf on board many planes, but when the possibility does not exist, offline is fine.

Google realized this early on and they have therefore released a series of solutions for this. For the e-mail, you should have Gmail Offline. With that add-on, you have everything you need whether you’re connected or not. You can read, write, send and search among letters. When you reconnect, everything automatically syncs in the background.

More info: Gmail offline

Full contact

If you have a lot of contacts, it can be tricky to remember who all the people are. It’s even worse if you’re publicly available and lots of new people are emailing you every now and then. Research via Google searches takes time.

Picture of the text writer with some information about the company and email.
It’s convenient to immediately see who it is you’re in contact with. Although sometimes the information is not correct.

Fullcontact tries to solve this for you. When you click on an email, the tool looks up information about the sender on various social services. Everything from Linkedin and Facebook to Pinterest and Flickr. The result is displayed in a small side box. In a couple of seconds, you know who you are communicating with.

More info: Full contact


It is difficult to achieve inbox zero when there are emails that are important some time into the future. They become like a troublesome yoke that hangs around the neck. Archiving works, but then the fear of forgetting them hangs like a sword of Damocles over all existence.

E-mail in gmail with some extra buttons.
Boomerang is quite handy if you know that a letter cannot be sent until a certain day.

With Boomerang, you get an easy way out. The extension gives you the option to send letters in the future. So you can put a future clock on a letter and mail it right now. Also to yourself if you want another reminder about those concert tickets. A perfect tool to give more work to your future self.

More info: Boomerang

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