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Before the holidays: How to print your own maps

QUESTION. Is there a website where I can copy a map, in my case part of Brussels?

I have a Mac and the Google Maps map site does not make good copies with my laser printer. Can probably find a friend with a PC with an associated printer, if needed.

Print maps

RESPONSE. To print maps from Google Maps on a PC with Google Chrome, proceed as follows:

1. Surf to maps.google.com and select the map view you want to print. If you don’t want the sidebar with information about public transport and more, click Hide bottom left.

2. Click the menu button (the three lines at the top left) and select Print in the menu that opens.

3. Now the map appears on the screen. With the sliders at the top right, you can zoom in and out – and you can also move the map vertically and horizontally.

4. Above the map, you can write a descriptive text if you want. However, this is completely voluntary.

5. Tap on Print so you can see how the printout looks. You can also choose how many copies you want and whether the print should be portrait or landscape.

6. By clicking on More settings for example, you can remove headers/footers and make other changes to your printout.

Another option is, of course, to take a screenshot of the map you are showing on the screen (using the Print Screen key) and then paste it into an image program such as Paint. Now you can crop it exactly as you want before making the actual print.

If you are dissatisfied with the maps available from Google, we have one guide to alternative maps here.

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