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Avoid getting blown on the Block

Doing business with someone online always involves some risk because ultimately you don’t really know if the person on the other end is who they say they are. Services such as the Blocket package and reviews on Tradera make online trading with other private individuals safer, but there are still situations when these services are not enough.

Sell ​​the car safely

The site Idkollen wants to remedy this and gives private individuals a way to confirm a person’s identity. An example of difficult situations that they take up themselves is when you have to sell a used car. Someone you got in touch with via Blocket shows up in your foyer and wants to test drive it a bit first, and shows an ID. But if the leg is fake, there is nothing to prevent the person from driving away with your car and never coming back.

Another example is deposits for subletting apartments, where we have heard of several cases where a number of people have been cheated when it turns out that the person who received the money has nothing to do with the apartment. It is probably also good to check on a person to whom you intend to rent an apartment.

Idkollen uses today’s all-encompassing system bankid. What you need is the other person’s social security number and that the person in question has a mobile bank ID and knows how it works. We carried out a quick test and find an exemplary simple service that for us worked perfectly. This is how we did it.

ID card

After you have confirmed your own identity with a bank ID, you can enter a social security number you want to check. You must also ask the other person to open their bankid app.

When you press the check, the person on the other end can fill in their password in the app for mobile bank ID, a few seconds later the confirmation of the social security number appears on the ID check. It wasn’t more difficult than that.

It is free to do three ID checks, then you have to pay if you want to do more.

We like that the site is exceptionally easy to use, it does one thing but does it well. Even a mobile bank ID can in theory be stolen, but it takes a lot for someone to succeed in doing it so this is one of the safest ways we know of to confirm someone online and as far as we know the easiest and fastest.

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