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Australia wants to punish Facebook for spreading terrorist videos

It has become increasingly common for terrorists and mass murderers to post pictures and video clips of their crimes online, which has led to demands for stricter legislation.

Now Australia has decided to hold tech companies accountable for what is posted on their platforms. According to the Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material bill, companies such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter must immediately remove images, audio clips and video clips that show mass shootings, murder, torture or rape.

Companies that break the law will be fined up to ten percent of the annual profit. In addition, those responsible for the website could be fined 2.1 million Australian dollars or up to three years in prison.

In connection with the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand where 50 people were shot dead, it took 17 minutes before the live broadcast on Facebook was stopped. During that time, many users managed to share the clip, which meant that it took 24 hours to delete all 1.5 million clips on the platform.

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