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Asus Zenwatch bets on style and class

There is no doubt that smart watches are in vogue. Samsung has been very active in the field and recently showed off its fifth creation in less than a year. LG has also released a couple of models, and if the rumors are true, Apple will show something similar shortly.

zenwatch asus

Asus doesn’t want to be worse and showed yesterday its contribution which goes by the name Zenwatch.

asus zenwatch

Zenwatch is a stylish wristwatch that does come with some weaknesses, but the overall impression is very nice. The watch is slightly too large for some wrists, but the overall impression almost outweighs these drawbacks.

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The watch itself consists of a 1.63-inch display that fits perfectly around the wrist together with a leather watch strap. The combination of smart watch with leather gives Zenwatch a modern and retro-classic impression at the same time.

asus zenwatch

The only sad thing about the Zenwatch’s appearance is the square design. Motorola’s Moto 360 and LG’s G Watch R both have a round watch, which gives a more sophisticated impression.


Zenwatch is powered by Android Wear, but unfortunately the version we tested was locked in a demo mode so we couldn’t do any major tests in terms of functionality and interface. For example, we could not test Asus’ own interface, ZenUI, which the watch will be delivered with.

Since we were only able to study the exterior of the Zenwatch, it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but first impressions are positive. Whether the watch is worth its price of around SEK 2,000 remains to be seen. It is still unknown when the Zenwatch will be available in the market.

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Article translated from PC for Everyone’s sister magazine, Greenbot.com.

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