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Apple’s Cocktail challenges the record industry – PCforAlla

Four of the world’s biggest record labels have joined forces and are working on a new file format for downloadable music albums called CMX. The record companies first offered Apple to join the project but it turned down the proposal.

– Apple first stated that it is not interested. Now it has decided to create its own file format, says an unnamed source in the recording industry to Appleinsider.

Apple is reportedly working on its own file format codenamed Cocktail. Both CMX and Cocktail are intended to replace the mp3 file format for music that can be purchased over the Internet.

Both file formats will make it possible to include more information about the music such as lyrics, album covers and music videos. Apple has not given any official information about its file format.

CMX will be launched in November by the four record companies EMI, Sony, Warner Music and Universal.

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