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Anti-pirates used pirated music – PCforAll

The Dutch anti-piracy group Brein has been revealed to be violating copyright law, writes the site Torrentfreak. The scandal came to light when a local musician in the Netherlands discovered that Brein was using his music without permission in one of the anti-piracy group’s campaigns.

He originally composed the song for a film festival organized by Brein in 2006. He later discovered that the song was reused by Brein during several campaigns, which was not allowed according to the agreement the group had with the musician.

Among other things, the musician discovered that his song was included on DVDs of the Harry Potter films as part of a campaign to warn against piracy.

According to the musician, his song has been used on millions of DVDs without his permission, and he has not been offered compensation. Now he has filed a lawsuit against Brein and demands at least one million euros in compensation (about ten million kroner).

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