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Anti-piracy laws create problems for the police

The head of the National Criminal Police’s IT unit, Anders Ahlqvist, tells Sveriges Radio that the head of the National Criminal Police will go to the Riksdag and report on the problems caused by the Ipred Act. According to Anders Ahlqvist, the internet operators have stopped saving their logs because of the Ipred Act, which makes investigations of other crimes more difficult.

– The development is that both we and the local police authorities are a little disappointed that we are closing more cases because we cannot carry out the tracking, Anders Ahlqvist told Sveriges Radio.

The Ipred Act, which was hammered through on April 1 last year, enables organizations representing copyright owners to demand personal information on suspected file sharers from Internet operators. The law has been strongly criticized by several internet operators who responded by stopping saving the log files from their customers.

– I think it’s a big concern, for example minors who are exploited for sexual purposes via the Internet, where we can’t catch the perpetrators when the logging information is missing, says Anders Ahlqvist to Sveriges Radio.

According to Anders Ahlqvist, the National Criminal Police has no views on the Ipred Act per se. The reason why the head of the National Criminal Police is going to the Riksdag is that they want to introduce the so-called data storage directive, a directive that can force internet operators to save all log files.

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