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Another bug in Adobe Reader

As early as Thursday last week, Adobe issued a warning about a newly discovered bug in the company’s PDF reader, Reader, which according to Adobe can be used to crash a computer.

The French security company Vupen Security issued a warning on Friday that the bug can also be used by hackers to take control of a user’s computer.

– We have confirmed that it is possible to run malicious code with Reader and Acrobat 9.4 for Windows. Other platforms such as Mac and Linux are also affected, and it is very possible that it is possible to run malicious code on these platforms as well, says Chaouki Bekrar at Vupen Security.

According to Vupen Security, knowledge of the bug has existed longer than previously thought. A Russian security researcher published details of the bug on his blog already six months ago.

On Adobe’s website, the company has published instructions on how users can protect themselves before an update is released. According to Adobe, an update will be available before November 15.

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