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Angry Birds opens new store in China

The Finnish game developer Rovio, which is behind the popular game Angry Birds, announced today that the company plans to open a store in Beijing. The store is supposed to sell various products based on Angry Birds.

According to Rovio’s head of marketing, Peter Vesterbacka, Angry Birds is now the most pirated brand in China. During a press conference today, he showed off balloons designed like the birds in the game.

– There is undeniably a great demand for Angry Birds in China, also for physical products. We want to sell officially licensed products, says Peter Vesterbacka.

Last September, a theme park in China opened an attraction based on Angry Birds without permission from Rovio.

However, Rovio sees the large number of pirated copies as flattering, but at the same time also wants to be able to license the products legally.

The Angry Birds game has been downloaded 50 million times by Chinese users. Rovio aims to reach 100 million downloads in total.

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