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AMD’s Fusion processor already ready for delivery

It’s not uncommon for us to hear that a product has been delayed due to problems during the development work, but for AMD, the development of Fusion seems to have gone unexpectedly well. Yesterday, the company revealed that it has already started delivering the so-called APU (accelerated processing unit), which combines both processor and graphics part.

At an analyst meeting yesterday, Rick Bergman, head of AMD’s product group, said that Fusion will deliver a better Internet experience, HD video, “cool” graphics and high-quality 3D for games. The processors can run DirectX 11 games.

Two variants of the Fusion are in the works, the Zacate which runs on 18 watts and is based on the company’s new Bobcat core, and the netbook processor Ontario which draws nine watts.

Systems based on both processors will probably be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2011) in Las Vegas in January. According to Rick Bergman, AMD is several months ahead of schedule.

Another pair of Fusion variants, the four-core Llano and eight-core Zambezi are planned for later in 2011. Zambezi is based on AMD’s Bulldozer core. In 2012 we can expect even more Fusion processors.

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