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“Amazon challenges iPad – releases own tablet”

The tablet war may be about to escalate further. Namely, unconfirmed information claims that the e-commerce giant Amazon is entering the game.

According to the Taiwanese industry magazine Digitimes, electronics manufacturer Quanta Computer in Taiwan has been commissioned to build a tablet for Amazon. According to the newspaper, it is about a tablet that will run on Android and be released in the second half of this year.

Amazon has previously sold the Kindle reading tablet, which is primarily an e-book reader. The Kindle has not been a direct competitor to Apple’s Ipad, however, if the information that Amazon is investing in a full-fledged tablet is true, it could become a serious competitor to the Ipad.

Amazon is already the world’s leading bookstore on the internet and is the second largest in terms of sales of digital music after Apple’s iTunes. The company has also started an “app store” for downloading and selling Android apps, which shows that Amazon is already competing with Apple in several areas.

So far, however, there is no information on what technical specifications Amazon’s tablet may have.

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