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Alogic USB-C Dock UNI V2: Slim docking box with several problems


Expert rating


  • Stylish and slim
  • Connects quickly and easily


  • Makes annoying noises
  • Sharp uncomfortable edges
  • Few usb ports
  • No ethernet


UNI V2 gives you stable connection and we can’t complain about the performance. It’s also an extra slim and compact device, which appeals. But that’s not enough to excuse its shortcomings. It is stingy with usb ports and you don’t get a fixed network port. Above all, it is uncomfortably hot in operation, sharp and angular to hold, and has annoying noises of its own. Avoid! There are many much better options.

Tested product: Alogic USB-C Dock UNI V2
Award: SEK 999 at the iPhone store

Alogic is a manufacturer with hundreds of cables, docks, adapters, power banks and other computer and electronic accessories in its range. Their product USB.C Dock UNI V2 is a slim multifunction adapter for usb c ports with power delivery and displayport support. Of course including Thunderbolt ports.

With one, you can dock many modern laptops with just one cable and get everything you need. For example, it is about extra USB ports with things like mouse and better keyboard, power supply, external screen, and sometimes other smart things like memory card reader and fixed network. Here you get most of this, but not all. Ethernet port is missing, which many competitors have. But since most people still use wifi, it is perhaps the least important function in a box like this.

Alogic’s box is one of the most compact we’ve seen, just 1.2 centimeters thick and elegantly designed. The chassis is mostly aluminum and it weighs just over a hecto. Despite the slim shape, it is not our favorite to put in a pocket, as it has rather sharp edges all around, both in the metal and in a long side that is in black plastic.

Good class on the screen output

You don’t get a huge amount of extra connections here, just what we would call an acceptable minimum. A usb c port that can either be used for usb 3 data at 5 gigabit, or to connect chargers to power the computer. In addition, you get two USB 3 ports of large type A, an HDMI port and a card reader that takes SD and micro SD/transflash cards.

Alogic USB-C Dock UNI V2 connected
All connections on one page. And they are not many.

The HDMI port can handle 4k at 60 Hz, which is good for a slightly cheaper doll like this that can be bought for under a thousand. What is required for that is that your computer has support for the right type of display port alt mode, dp1.4 via the usb c port.

We have no problem plugging the dock full of accessories, everything connects quickly and works as promised. A 4k screen at 60 Hz, a mouse without lag, an external ssd where the speed of the media stops, a micro sd card that sits firmly (but can be a bit tricky to get out) and the computer’s usb c power adapter.

Noise brings down Alogic

However, it is the power adapter that causes a noticeable annoyance. With it in, Alogic’s box makes a real beeping sound that we can’t seem to get rid of. Depending on which other accessories are in the USB ports, we get different tones of whining, but it doesn’t get quiet until we pull out the power supply. It is not OK.

But is it a design flaw or have we got a Monday copy? To find out, we borrowed an extra copy from a local store, and got almost the same result. The box still beeps but not as intensely. We can’t say if this is a general failure of all units, but if not, there are many problematic copies in circulation.


Product name: Alogic USB-C Dock UNI V2
Tested: May 2022
Manufacturer: Alogic
Computer connection: Usb 3 type c gen 1
Video output: Hdmi
Usb ports: 2 pcs usb 3 gen 1 type a, usb 3 type c gen 1
Network: No
Power supply: 100 W usb pd (via usb c)
Miscellaneous: Card reader (sd/micro sd)
Size: 12 x 4.9 x 1.2cm
Weight: 105 grams
System requirements for full functionality: Usb 3 type c with video output and usb power delivery
Guarantee : 2 years
Award: SEK 999 at the Iphone store

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