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Affordable netbook from HP can handle both movies and games

In America, HP has just launched a new netbook computer that should spark most people’s curiosity. Nvidia’s Ion graphics system for netbooks has long been talked about – and although Ion has been available for a couple of months – very few netbooks use the new technology.

But HPs strikes a big blow for better graphics on netbook computers and releases its new computer Mini 311. The HP Mini 311 is an 11-inch netbook that is built around a standard 1.6 gigahertz Atom processor. The graphics is an Nvidia Geforce 9400M IGP and is said to be capable of playing video in HD format, the ability to edit video and also the ability to play games. The screen has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and the computer also has an HDMI connection for external displays.

Exactly when the computer will be launched in Sweden or how much it will cost is not known, but in England the computer will cost 349 pounds (around 4000 Swedish kronor) and go by the name Compaq Mini 311.

Source: Hexus.

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