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Account hijackers wreak havoc on Tradera – PCforAlla

Through a phishing attack, fraudsters have managed to get over twenty sales accounts on Tradera, according to SVT’s report. The fraudsters have faked positive reviews to lull victims into safety.

From one of the accounts, among other things, a Mac Mini was sold for SEK 3,700 and a Nintendo DS Lite for SEK 850. But neither the computer nor the game console was sent after the money was deposited into the specified bank account.

“Warning! Blown, a police report will come, I promise. This sucks!” and “Son’s Christmas present to the forest, damn it!” are a couple of many outraged comments on the now-deactivated account.

According to Rapport, about fifteen buyers were cheated from the account in just one weekend. One of the victims is Anders Onerup, who was robbed of SEK 3,700. He is critical of Tradera’s fraud warning system.
– They should have some kind of safer function when they know things are going on. A warning on the front page perhaps, he tells Rapport.

However, Tradera does not believe that they acted wrongly. Press manager Anna Chrona states that “you have to be careful when shopping with used goods”.

The police are now trying to trace the fraudsters via bank transactions, according to Rapport.

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