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9 ways to work smarter in Microsoft Word 2013

1. More comfortable reading without annoying buttons You who often use Word to read documents will certainly appreciate the special reading mode. You can find it in the menu Show where you press Reading mode furthest to the left. By pressing the arrows to the right and left, you can scroll through the document.

2. Edit pdf files without Adobe Reader

Editing PDF files normally requires a separate program, but Word 2013 actually has built-in support for this. Just open the current pdf file in the usual way and it will automatically become editable.

3. Insert images from the OneDrive cloud service

Because Word 2013 is integrated with Microsoft’s OneDrive storage service, you can insert images directly from your account there. Press Insert, Online pictures, Onedrivefind the image you want to add and click Insert.

4. Recover documents that have crashed

Word 2013 periodically saves a temporary copy of the document you are working on, something that comes in handy if the computer crashes or if you happen to close a document without saving it yourself. You can find the temporary copies by going to Archive, Info, Manage versions, Do not restore saved documents.

In the menu Insert there is a button with the name Large. If you press it, you will be taken to Microsoft’s online store where you can buy add-ons that equip Word with lots of exciting bonus features. Some are free while others cost money.

The Microsoft Store is also available in Excel and Powerpoint.

6. Change your default template to suit you

When you start and write in Word, the Normal style template is used, which is set to the Calibri font size 11. However, it is easy to change this. click Start in the menu, go to the section Formatright-click NormalPress Change and make the adjustments you wish. Now the template has changed, and all new documents are based on it.

7. Let the text flow around the images

In Word 2013, it is extremely easy to adjust the text so that it flows nicely around the images in the document. Just tap on an image and then click on the little symbol in the upper hear corner. After that, just indicate how you want the text to be placed.

8. Move up and down Word’s bulleted lists

Go to a bulleted or numbered list, hold down Shift + Alt and press the up and down arrows. In no time, points are moved up or down without you having to bother with cutting and pasting.

9. Inserted video makes the text more understandable

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video says even more. Don’t be afraid to add moving images to your documents. Doing so is easy. Just go to the menu Insert and click on Online video – the rest is self-explanatory.

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