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8 ways to monitor the summer cottage – remotely

Anyone who has a summer cottage knows that the winter period can be a little nerve-wracking. You might go and look at the house sometimes, but a lot can happen between rounds. Burglary, fire, storm-felled trees, frost damage, water damage… the list can be extended.

Surely it would feel safe to be able to monitor the cabin from a distance? There are many possibilities and it doesn’t have to cost too much. It is best and easiest if there is an internet connection on site. The fiber is on its way out across the country – if an offer comes, it may be worth grabbing. The first installation is usually the cheapest, stepping on later will be more expensive. And it will likely increase the value of your property.

But even without fixed internet, you can increase your security. The only prerequisite is that there is mobile coverage – and of course electricity. PC for All has taken a look at some of the aids that are available. In order to get a complete monitoring, in most cases you have to combine several of the systems.

Completely legal

A camera that does not monitor a public place does not need a permit. However, you are obliged to inform with signage or in some other way that you have a camera installed in the home. If it also records sound, this must also be stated. Ready-made signs are available for purchase if they are not included with the camera. You can also download it at pcforalla.se/skylt.

You can read the law on general camera surveillance here.

Telldus – Budget solution without a camera

Tellstick Classic

One of the cheapest options comes from Telldus. You can buy the Tellstick Classic for approximately SEK 500. It is a small USB stick with an antenna that can be plugged directly into a router if it supports this, such as the Dovado Pro AC. If you have another router, the alternative is the Tellstick Net for SEK 1,000, a router-like small box that connects to the router with a network cable. In other words, internet is required.

With Telldus, you can remotely control switches, connect thermometers and moisture meters, motion detectors and door contacts, smoke detectors and more. It all requires a lot of configuration effort on your part, but the big advantage is that the system is compatible with most of the remote devices on the market. So you can go out and buy the cheapest package of remote switches you can find, and it will work with Telldus.

The web service is free for simpler functions and costs SEK 250 per year for the pro version. No camera function is included, but if you supplement with such a system, you can use Telldus to turn on the light so you can see better.

Read more: www.telldus.se

Ontech – Monitoring without internet


Without internet connection, Ontech is a possibility. Mobile coverage for standard 2g (gsm) is sufficient and a prepaid card for telephony is required. All control, alarms and communication takes place via SMS.

The system consists of a central unit with two alarm inputs, to which motion detectors, magnetic switches, smoke detectors, level guards and the like can be connected. If the alarm sensor is activated, alarms can be sent to up to nine different mobile numbers.

It can be supplemented with several wireless alarm boxes that have a built-in magnetic switch and temperature sensor, as well as an additional alarm input. There are also remote switches that can be used to turn on lights or heat. Alarm sensors can also be connected to them.

The central unit costs SEK 2,500 and the various accessories from SEK 300 up to SEK 1,500.

The company is about to launch a gprs portal that will make it possible to communicate with the devices via a browser, even though it is still only about 2g.

The latest model of remote switch, which is already on sale, is fully prepared for Internet control and the earlier one can be upgraded. Ontech also offers a SIM card and a subscription for around SEK 15 a month.

Read more: www.ontechgsm.com

Logger 2020 – Full control of moisture and heat

Logger 2020

The manufacturer of the Logger 2020 states that the system works great for monitoring the summer residence, as well as a variety of other types of premises. Logger requires an internet connection (a local computer also works well, but has no function in this context) and can via a central unit collect various measurement values ​​which are then sent to a web service.

A starter package costs SEK 2,200 and contains a central unit, a room temperature sensor, an outside temperature sensor and an electricity meter reader. It can then be supplemented with, for example, moisture meters, flow meters and other things. With the expansion module Admiq, it is possible to manually set two relay outputs, for example to control heating or lighting.

Around the time you read this, the new version Logger 3030 is out, with barometer, more inputs, outputs for control, built-in wireless radio module and many more functions.

Logger 3030 complements the cheaper Logger 2020 and is not only focused on monitoring and logging, but also on providing opportunities for control, as well as being able to communicate via modbus with electricity meters, heat meters, water meters and the like. Requires connection via router. Free web service for up to five connected devices. Logger 3030 costs SEK 3,000 for the central unit alone.

Read more: www.logger2020.se

Canary – Stylish all-in-one solution


This is a brand new product that provides many monitoring functions in the same device. Internet connection required. Canary consists of a small can that is 15 centimeters high and can be placed anywhere.

Inside is a night vision HD camera, accelerometer and sensors for temperature, humidity and air quality. Everything can be monitored via the mobile phone. Canary has a feature that allows the product to learn and adapt to the user’s home over time.

When a movement is detected, a notification is sent to a smart phone and it is possible to receive a live broadcast of sound and image. The device has a built-in alarm signal of a whopping 90 decibels that can be activated from the phone app if something doesn’t seem right.

The unit costs SEK 2,150. Canary received high marks when we tested it earlier this year.

Read more: www.canary.is

Homecam B3 – Check the thief via mobile


With the handy little Homecam B3 alarm device, you can keep track of any uninvited visitors in the cabin. Mobile coverage is required. The device has a backup battery, motion detector, dark lighting, camera (five megapixels) and built-in SIM card slot and antenna.

The camera also has an external temperature sensor that can be used to retrieve current temperature values ​​via text message at any time or set limits for the temperatures at which the camera should alarm.

There are also a number of different accessories such as IR detector, smoke detector and magnetic contact In the event of an alarm, the device calls or sends pictures via MMS or e-mail. All commands to control the camera or retrieve images are handled with simple SMS in Swedish. Price: SEK 2,350

Read more: www.induohome.com


There are plenty of pure camera products, but a flexible solution comes from D-Link. Internet connection required. Mydlink is a web portal that can be used together with most of the company’s network cameras and which makes it possible to log in and watch live broadcasts from the cameras from any browser or smart phone. It is also possible to set up motion detection which sends an alarm to the mobile.

You can have any number of cameras that connect wirelessly to your router and from there on to the internet. The cameras are available in a large number of models at prices from SEK 500 and up to SEK 2,000. There are simple cameras, night vision cameras, outdoor cameras and motorized cameras that can be pointed anywhere you want with remote control.

Read more: www-d-link.se

Webehome – Focuses on alarms


A pure alarm package intended specifically for homes and holiday homes can be purchased from Webehome. Internet connection required. A base unit is connected via the internet to a web portal, where events and images are stored, controlled and monitored via an app on the phone. For example, motion detectors, magnetic contacts, temperature gauges, cameras, fire alarms, water detectors and remote control can be connected to the device.

The base unit and all connected devices have battery backup, which is not normally the case for the internet connection router. If the internet connection is lost, an alarm is therefore sent after 15 minutes.

The base unit alone costs SEK 4,000, a holiday home package costs SEK 6,000 and a package with camera costs SEK 7,000. Detectors of various types have price tags from SEK 500 up to SEK 1,000. The basic web service is free for up to 20 connected devices. Services with more functions and for more connections are available for a monthly fee.

Read more: www.webehome.com/se

Any Android – Use your existing phone


A real low-budget solution is to arrange camera surveillance over the house with the help of an old abandoned telephone and a prepaid card for mobile broadband. Read here!

An old Android phone can be used in other ways too. With the slightly complicated Tasker app, the phone can be programmed to do almost anything. It can, for example, send text messages in the event of a power cut. If the phone has a built-in sensor for, for example, temperature, this can also be used. It all depends on your imagination, your phone and your skill with Tasker.

Read more: taskser.dinglisch.net


So you get internet in the cabin
Many of the gadgets we’ve listed require a connection. It can take paying for a connection that may only be fully used three months of the year. But here are some conceivable possibilities.


If the offer comes, take it if you can. The one-off cost is usually between SEK 20,000 and 25,000, and an installment plan is often offered. Many times a subscription for the first few years is included in the price, otherwise it costs around SEK 300 a month. And think how much easier it will be to get the children to accompany you to the country…


If there is a telephone in the cabin, you pay a telephone bill in any case. A slow broadband on top of that doesn’t have to cost that much. Many times it is possible to switch to IP telephony at the same time if you change supplier and then the cost will not be very much higher per month than before. The technology that makes this possible is called adsl.

Mobile Broadband

This is probably the cheapest solution. You need a router suitable for the purpose and a cash card. The few gigabytes included are enough if it’s just a matter of simple monitoring. One-off cost SEK 1,000 if you choose the router Pro AC from Dovado, which is particularly suitable for the purpose. A prepaid card with five gigabytes for six months, for example, costs SEK 300 at Telia. An option if you are already a Tele2 customer is their Data on-demand which is not time-limited. You pay SEK 200 for five gigabytes.

Mobile Broadband (Net1)

If the cabin is located in the real countryside, there is probably only one provider that can provide you with a stable mobile broadband, namely Net1. They offer unlimited data for SEK 300 a month. There is also a leisure subscription for short periods, but using it over the winter will be expensive.

Dovado Pro Ac
Online. With a router like Dovado Pro Ac and a prepaid card, you can get internet in the cabin.

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