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7 tips that make life with Excel 2013 easier

1. Faster summation with automaticity

Select any number of cells with values ​​in them to count the number of cells and see the average value and the total number. The result automatically appears at the bottom of the green bar.

2. Turn off Excel’s annoying formula suggestions

When you write a formula, Excel constantly offers suggestions on how to complete it. It can be both good and annoying. By going to File, Options, Formulas and tick off the box Auto complete for formula you can turn off the function.

3. Format faster with smart shortcut

The main menu at the top is full of different formatting options, but there is a faster way to create data bars, charts and tables, among other things. It is easiest if you select a number of values ​​and click on the small symbol at the bottom right of these. This will bring up a menu with lots of options and the ability to preview.

4. Preview changes in chart

By tapping a chart and then the small brush icon on the right, you can preview chart adjustments before making them. First click on Style in the window on the right and select basic design. Then click on Color and specify the shade of the bars.

5. Change settings for workbooks

When you open a new workbook, it is always set to a certain font, a certain size, a certain view, and a certain number of sheets. If the settings do not suit you, adjust the standardized workbook. Go to File, Options, GeneralWhen you create new workbooks and specify how you want it to be.

6. Conditional formatting increases comprehensibility

In some types of tables, it is useful if Excel marks if a value exceeds a certain limit or if there are duplicates. Select the cells you want to perform the function on and click Start, Conditional formatting, Rules for selecting cells. Choose the option that best suits the context and configure it.

7. Excel suggests the chart that fits

Do you find it difficult to decide which diagram fits in a certain context? Then select the current values ​​and go to Insert, Recommended charts and you will get a list of charts that Excel thinks could be suitable. Click on one of these and press OK to insert it.

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