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4 fun things you can do with your old phone

According to statistics, most people upgrade their smart phones and tablets every two years (at least in the US). Of course, this means that there is an incredible amount of devices that are thrown away or just lying around in some drawer.

Although the same may not apply to you, you have probably switched phones at some point. What happened to the old one then? The fact that it is not of the latest model does not automatically mean that it is worthless.

You can of course give it away if you find someone who wants it. But why not reuse it? There are plenty of conceivable uses, for example as a radio, games console, e-reader, media center or something else.

We present four sensible suggestions, but of course there are others. Here we show an Android phone, but much the same things can of course be done with iOS devices. Uninstall and clean out as much as possible that you don’t need before you start.

Old mobile

1. Game console

With a Google Chromecast in the TV, you can use the phone as a console for retro games. Install the emulators PPSSPP – PSP Emulator, Mupen64Plus, Classicboy and Drastic DS Emulator and run. Feel free to complete with a bluetooth game controller.

Baby Monitor

2. Babysitter

You don’t need to buy an expensive baby monitor to keep an eye on your sleeping baby. Install an app that Dormi – Baby Monitor, Baby Monitor 3G or Baby Cam and rig up the phone in the nursery.


3. Remote control

Make your phone an extra remote control for the TV, so you don’t have to fight over the only one. If your TV has wifi, there are plenty of apps to use, for example Remotion, Video & TV Sideview, Universal TV Remote Control and Remote Control Collection.


4. Toy

Create a limited profile for the children. Then you can decide which apps they should be allowed to access and install things like Youtube Kids, ABC Kids, Kids Doodle and similar.

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