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3 gadgets that changed my everyday life

Fall is here and that means we’re being inundated with new product releases from all over. The news that will soon be shown at the giant IFA fair in Berlin (and which you will of course be able to read more about in our news) should attract purchases during the autumn and for Christmas shopping.

But in the cloud of exciting new smartphones, televisions and portable performance computers there are a number of simpler and cheaper products that I think are worth highlighting, products that have really simplified our everyday life.

Power banks

When I bought a new car 3 years ago, the number of 12-volt outlets was a factor I weighed into my decision. Not an important one, but it was still disturbing that the favorite car (which I later switched to) lacked sockets in the back seat.

Nowadays I don’t use the outlets, it’s so much more convenient to have a charged power bank or two with me on the trip. But even at home, it’s simply so incredibly convenient not to have to think about where the nearest power outlet is when I need to charge my phone or tablet.

Quite simply an indispensable gadget!


Not so long ago, the media player, often a rather heavy piece with a built-in hard drive, was a given gadget in the TV stand. Today, the traditional media player is more or less dead.

Google’s Chromecast is an absolutely superb little box that allows me to use my mobile phone, tablet or computer to initiate and control the playback of streamed content on the television. For a paltry 390 kroner! A neat product at a rudely low price.

The pocket computer

It was just over a year ago that Intel launched the Compute Stick concept, a desktop computer in the form of a USB stick that you can connect directly to the TV.

I’m surprised how little attention this product category has received, it’s absolutely amazing how you can squeeze a Windows PC into this puddle format. Asus’ new Vivostick is as fast as a Surface 3, runs 64-bit Windows 10 and weighs only 73 grams! My latest spontaneous purchase, and a gadget that is really worth highlighting.

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