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3 drops max limit for surfing – after PC for Everyone’s test

… You scrap the maximum cap and introduce unlimited surfing with your most expensive subscription. What made you do this?

– We have been looking at this for a long time, but now we also saw that we could have done better in your test if we had offered just this.

Cool! But this applies to 3’s most expensive subscription – when will you introduce unlimited surfing to all your subscriptions?

– There are no plans for that at the moment. For the vast majority, this is not needed. For those who need this and can imagine paying a little extra, we now have 3 broadband max, which in addition to unlimited surfing also gives access to maximum speed.

What does that mean?

– Surf on our networks that handle up to 21 megabits per second. The technology already exists to increase the speed to 42 megabits per second, but the modems that can handle this do not yet exist. After the summer, we will probably start with the faster speed.

The changes in the subscription 3 broadband max will apply from June 16. The subscription costs SEK 249 per month.

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