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250 gigabytes in 90 grams

The new version of Samsung’s portable hard drive S1 Mini is in height and width no larger than a standard credit card. However, the thickness is 15.5 millimeters, which means that it is still too large to fit in the wallet.

Despite the compact format, the Samsung S1 has a storage capacity of 250 gigabytes. The 1.8-inch hard drive supports USB 2.0 and has a built-in hard drive controller based on Samsung’s Spinpoint N3U.

The Samsung S1 Mini has built-in features for automatic backup. It is also possible to use the hard drive to store passwords and encrypted files in a simple way.

The Samsung S1 series has previously offered portable mini hard drives in sizes 120 to 160 gigabytes.

Samsung has not yet released any information on price or availability.


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