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10 tips for cheaper plane tickets

Summer is drawing to a close. The holiday season is over, and soon rain, cold and darkness will descend on our country.

In other words, it’s no wonder that many dream of going away to the warmth and sun around the Mediterranean, where the summer lasts significantly longer.

The internet has made it insanely easy to book your own trips, and low-cost airlines have made it insanely cheap to fly. But the price difference can often be large, and you can save thousands by choosing the right flight ticket. We have collected the 10 smartest internet tricks to find the cheapest tickets.

At the time of writing, for example, we can find round-trip tickets to Paris, Rome or Budapest for under 500 notes.

Air travel

1. Compare the price with the right site
The easiest way to find cheap tickets is to use a price comparison service. Just enter the location and date and all options will be displayed – from hundreds of travel agencies.

Flygresor, Momondo and Reseguiden are three popular comparison services.
Please note that you are not booking on the comparison site. They just direct you to one of the online travel agencies.

Travel start

2. Avoid fake comparison sites
Some online travel agencies want you to believe that they are always looking for the lowest prices. That’s not true. While price comparison services like Flygresor search many travel agencies, online travel agencies like Travelstart only give you their own prices.

In other words, to get the cheapest prices, you should always start with a comparison service.

Air travel

3. Use filters to find the right one
Most flight sites have advanced filter functions. You can control departure and arrival times, remove flights with stopovers, etc. By experimenting with different options, you get help to find the best and cheapest choice. Sometimes it only costs a few tens more to avoid an extra layover.


4. Book 53 days in advance! It is important to book tickets in time.

A survey by the price comparison service Momondo based on 12.5 billion prices shows that you get the best prices if you book 53 days in advance.

An alternative to being out in good time is to wait until the last minute. If you can go at short notice, it is possible to get the trips really cheap. If you’re lucky, you can get round trips to the sun for just a few hundred Swedish kroner. The best way to find the cheap tickets is to use one of the last minute sections of the price comparison services.
The travel guide


5. Choose the right day to fly
If you can manage your travel day, there is a lot to save. Tuesdays are usually the cheapest and Saturdays the most expensive. According to Momondo’s survey, there is a 12 percent difference in price.

Many flight sites allow you to search for nearby dates, and they also often have a low-cost calendar to show the cheapest departure date. By adjusting your trip, you can get it much cheaper.

Evening flight

6. Fly in the evening
The departure time is also important. Dinner flights are usually more expensive than evening flights. Experiment with departure times and you can save a lot of money.

Vacation times

7. Find the right time to travel

Flight prices usually go up sharply in connection with the school holidays and at other times when many people want to fly. In other words, try to avoid traveling then.
In low season, you can get tickets insanely cheap.

Euro bonus

8. Get bonus cards
Most major airlines have bonus cards that give you free travel if you travel a lot. They also often have special offers for your bonus customers, so by signing up for their newsletter you can access really cheap special tickets.


9. Don’t forget the luggage
Keep in mind that low-cost airlines let you pay for food and luggage. This means that a slightly more expensive ticket can be a better choice. Consider how you plan to fly and calculate the total price to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Also, be focused when making the actual booking. Many online travel agencies want to trick you into expensive and unnecessary insurance. Be sure not to select them by mistake!

Sky picker

10. Choose another airport
Many cities have multiple airports nearby, and sometimes they may be in neighboring countries. The cheapest way to get to Brussels can be, for example, to fly to the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Yes, in some cases it can actually be worthwhile to redeem a ticket to a completely different city and buy an extra ticket separately.

In other words, take out a map and check what options are available – if you have time for a little extra transfer.

You can also get help from the site Kiwi.com (formerly Skypicker). It allows you to find cheap flights between different areas. In other words, you can, for example, see what it costs between Stockholm and any location in Spain and Portugal.

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