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10 hidden messages in the logos of the tech giants


1. Sony Vaio

The logo for Sony’s Vaio computers is more than just a fancy font. If you look more closely, you will discover clear connections to what the product is for. The log is divided into two different parts: “va” represents an analog signal and “io” represents the binary numbers 1 and 0.


2. Cisco

The IT company Cisco’s logo has a double meaning. Not only does it represent the obvious, a digital signal, the signal also has a special shape. That shape is none other than the well-known landmark Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Why? It was there, like so many other technology companies, that Cisco was founded.


3. Sonos

This is a really exciting logo. The fact that it says Sonos upside down on a background of rays may not be so exciting, but the logo is actually a visual illusion. Try scrolling up and down a bit and you’ll suddenly see how it pulsates like sound waves around Sonos.


4. Amazon

Anyone can see that there is an arrow in the Amazon logo, but why is it there? If you look at where it begins and where it ends, you will also see the reason. Namely, the arrow goes from A to Z, which represents that you can find everything you want to buy, goods of every letter of the alphabet, at Amazon. (If you’re English-speaking, that is. Those of us with å, ä, ö may have to look elsewhere…)


5. Ubuntu

This logo is all about perspective. At first glance, it just looks like someone tried to make a cool logo. But if you look more closely, you’ll see what it actually represents – three people holding hands, seen from above. Cunning!


6. Gamecube

The logo for Nintendo’s classic game console Gamecube may not be so secret in its message, but it is very cleverly designed. At first glance, a purple 3d cube is visible. If you look closer, even a “G” turns purple. If you look even closer, you will see that the black in the middle forms a “C”. So it’s a G and a C (Gamecube) and a cube in the same logo.


7. Wikipedia

That the logo represents a globe with different languages ​​is easy to see, but the famous logo also has another meaning. At the top of the logo, some puzzle pieces are missing. This represents that Wikipedia is constantly being expanded and changed by new entries and that the encyclopedia is never really complete.


8. Microsoft XNA

XNA may not be so well known outside the programming world, but it is a great tool for those who want to make games for Microsoft’s various platforms. The logo has been adorned with a crisp swoosh, but if you’re at home in Morse code, you’ll find another meaning. The orange dashes and dots are just that: A mash-up of the Morse code for XNA. “-..-” means X, “-.” means N and “.-” means A.


9. Dell

This is a logo most people have probably seen, but why is the E twisted? It should represent founder Michael Dell’s desire to “turn the world on its ear”, which is an American expression that means changing things in unexpected and positive ways.


10. Beats

Dr. Dre’s headphone company that was acquired by Apple has a simple, but clever logo. It looks like a stylized “b”, but if you look closer, you can also see that the b could be a headphone on someone you see in profile.

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