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10 gadgets that light up in the autumn darkness

Atmospheric via remote control


Livingcolors from Philips creates atmospheric light thanks to a luminous flux of 120 lumens and a total of 16,000,000 different color options. For the best possible effect, it should be directed towards a light-colored wall, for example behind a sofa, because the indirect light blends better and more naturally into the interior. With the included remote control, brightness, colors and color intensity are changed. Approximate price: SEK 1,140.

Control the light loop from your mobile

Hue Lightstrips

With Hue Lightstrips from Philips, you can get the perfect mood lighting using your mobile or tablet. Attach the loops, which are bendable, to or behind furniture or other details you want to highlight in the home. With the help of a Wi-Fi bridge, you can then control the lights wirelessly from all parts of the home.

Up to 50 lights can be connected to the Philips Hue bridge and it is best to start with a starter package for around SEK 1,690.

Energy boost with blue light

Golite Blu

Winter is almost here. Darkness drains our energy supply and mood swings come like a letter in the mail. Philips Golite Blu is a small portable energy lamp that produces blue light for a light therapy to raise energy levels and combat winter fatigue. 15 minutes every morning should be enough for a more energetic everyday life, and the rechargeable battery means you can take the lamp with you everywhere. On the touch screen, you set the timer function and select the brightness. However, the price is relatively high: around SEK 3,200.

Wake up with sunlight

Wake-up Light

The Philips Wake-up Light is an alarm clock that allows you to wake up in a natural way with the help of light and sound. The color changes from soft dawn red to bright yellow.

The sunset simulation is another form of light therapy and is used when you are going to sleep, by gradually reducing light and sound for the time period you have chosen. The sounds consist of everything from birdsong to calm piano music. You can also choose to wake up to your favorite radio program. Approximate price: SEK 1,300

Change color from mobile

Playbulb Rainbow

Playbulb Rainbow is an LED lamp that is controlled via bluetooth. With the help of an app, you can adjust brightness, colors and special light effects, as well as connect several lights in one and the same group. The app also has an alarm and timer function so you can wake up to your favorite light or color. According to the manufacturer, the life of the lamp is up to 30 years. The lamp costs around SEK 420, while the app is free.

The lamp that sounds

Playbulb Original

Playbulb Original is a combination of light and sound source. The LED lamp has a built-in 3 W speaker and all functions are controlled from your mobile phone or tablet. Communication takes place via bluetooth and the lamp fits into most luminaires with a standard E26/E27 screw base. As a lamp, it has a warm white light that can be dimmed, both via a wall dimmer or through the associated free app. Approximate price: SEK 720.

Brilliant multiroom solution

Awox Striimlight

Awox Striimlight is another LED lamp with a built-in speaker. The lamp and its functions (brightness, alarm, volume) are controlled wirelessly from an app or from the computer. A small remote control is also included. The lamp is available in two versions, either with bluetooth for around SEK 920 or with wifi for around SEK 1,200. With the wifi option, it is possible to connect several lights in a multiroom system.

Blown up candle


Luminaid is an inflatable solar lamp that has been developed to help in disaster areas where there is no electricity. The lamp is flat when folded, but by inflating it, it becomes a stable light source. Seven hours in the sun gives between eight and sixteen hours of light. It floats and is waterproof to a depth of one meter. Prices are around SEK 250.

Advanced sleep aid

Withings Aura

Withings Aura is one of the most advanced sleeping lamps. The lamp itself is a combination of alarm clock and night light, and it is controlled via a touch screen on the sides.

The light should stimulate the body’s melatonin – that is, the hormone that controls sleep. Together with the complementary sleep sensor under the mattress, you get full control of how you sleep. All information, in the form of sleep data and room temperature, is gathered in Withing’s own app.
The lamp, which costs approximately SEK 2,890, also contains a phone charger.

The lamp that deceives the thief

Bean Bulbs

Smart lights in all their glory, but the question is whether Beon Bulbs & Modules won’t take the prize as the smartest solution. Each device has bluetooth, a microphone and a rechargeable battery. It reacts to sound and lights up the house if, for example, someone rings the doorbell or in case of a fire alarm.

It also learns the family’s habits and makes the house look inhabited even when it is empty, for example during holidays. The built-in battery ensures that it lights up even in the event of a power cut.

A starter package with three lamps and three modules costs approximately SEK 820.

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